Oprah Winfrey

My Aunty Jen says I’m just like Oprah Winfrey because I have so many homes, so I thought I’d give you a little guided tour.  Mine aren’t as fancy as Oprah’s, but I bet they’re more comfy.

Jen's puppy penThis is the one I use when I’m at Aunty Jen’s house.  I like it very much because I can watch all the other dogs, but they don’t get to steal my toys.  Plus Aunty Jen and my best mate Mary keep leaning over and giving me treats whenever I do anything they think is clever.  (And they think some silly stuff is really clever when I know it’s dead easy – like lying down then standing up again. But it’s a great way to get treats.  And if I keep doing it I can keep the treats going for AGES! )


Travelling crateThis is my travelling crate.  It’s a bit boring, but I’ve been in it a lot
this week going backwards and forwards to Aunty Jen’s as Mum has been proper poorly.



Mum's puppy penThis one is my favourite – my play pen at Mum’s.  I can see everything that’s going on, and I have the fluffiest little bed to sleep in.  Mum says I won’t have it forever though – she thinks I’m going to get big enough to climb over the top. That would be sooooo cool!


My big crateThis one is my extra large crate at Mum’s.  I have to stay in this when she’s not in the house.  She says it’s safer than my puppy pen – she must think I’m going to grow really really fast – and it has enough room for me to go to the loo if I can’t keep my legs crossed until she gets back.



My bedroomAnd then there’s my bed time crate.  This is in Mum’s bedroom, so I get to be near her at night.  I just wish she’d stop getting me up every few hours to go into the back garden – although I do take the chance to have a quick wee while I’m out there, which is nice.  You’ll see that she’s covered it with a blanket.  That’s because she keeps her bedroom oh-so-cold so the blanket keeps me warm and toasty.

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