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Life is a bit funny!

600 pix baby600 pix

Mary made me do funny things today. She made me dress up as a bumble bee and ride Auntie Jenny’s robotic vacuum cleaner. I loved the robot, it was really fun to climb on because if I did I would get a click, which means treats!


It was a bit chilly outside today and I feel the cold easily so Mary put a bumble bee coat on me to stop me shivering, I think I totally rocked the look, what do you think?


Two week anniversary

Specs coming out for a walk, safe in her backpack.
Specs coming out for a walk, safe in her backpack.

Today it’s two weeks since I picked Specs up so I thought now was a good time for a bit of an update.

I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks.  Every other dog I’ve had has felt like a stranger in the house for the first few days, if not weeks, but not Specs.  To be honest, I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t here.  I know that sounds mushy, but that’s the way it is.

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Another busy day

Me and Mum have been out this morning.  She said it’s called ‘puppy socialisation’, but I just think it’s great getting out and seeing the world, and there are sooooo many friends to make and faces to lick.

Today, Mum took me to her office to meet all her friends there. They were all really nice (and very tasty), but I don’t understand why she goes there instead of staying with me. She keeps muttering stuff about money, but I’m sure that’s not as much fun as me. Continue reading Another busy day

Buzz, buzz, buzz

Actually Tuesday 10th March though posted 15 March.  I am a late kind of a person even though I try very hard not to be. And Wednesday 11th when Mary was there too.  Jackie is right, I should write these things straight away.

This is one cute puppy who arrived at my house in her carry crate for my first day of puppy minding.  First thing, into the garden to toilet.

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