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Specs Goes Walkies

Went on a walk with Mary, Jenny, Beetle and Paris.  We did runnins.  We did recalls.  We did heelins.

Mary said Sue wouldn’t approve, but I know Sue would, I love Sue.  Sue would say as long as we do Specs Only walks a lot, we can sometimes do walks with Beetle and Paris and My Brother Wilf so I can practise my recalls with other nice dogs about me.

Jenny and Mary were brave to let me off the lead, but not so brave they took the lead off completely.  Just in case, make it easier for them to catch me, just in case.  I hardly noticed, I got my runnins, I hardly noticed. Continue reading Specs Goes Walkies

Puppy worries

All owners worry about their dogs, all of us.  Although dog trainers are a little bit not-normal in what they worry about.  We’re considerably less worried than the 99% of the population who fret about dogs eating poop/sniffing or licking each others’ bits/playing tug with their leashes.  And a lot more worried about dogs who don’t come back in the park straight away and quickly.

Serious behaviour and health problems are beyond what I want to talk about here, they really are a worry.  I want to talk about the problems we’re not sure about, the things we think could get worse, the things that simply annoy us, the things that annoy us and probably shouldn’t. Continue reading Puppy worries

Specs with a big bit of seaweed

My first trip to the beach

I was supposed to be at Aunty Jen’s today, but me and mum had a special day on the beach.  Mum said she had a big decision to make. I’m not sure why that meant we had to go to the beach, but humans are funny things.

I really liked the beach. I’ve never been there before and it smelled all strange – salty and fishy and seaweedy.  And it felt really funny on  my feet.  The sand got stuck between my toes and the grass was much tougher than the grass in our garden. Continue reading My first trip to the beach

Specs running with her gang

Letting puppy off lead

Well it’s been nearly two weeks now since little Specs was allowed to go for a walk, so I thought I’d do a quick progress report.

I’d forgotten quite how traumatic it is to take a very young puppy for a walk.  I made a big mistake the first couple of times by taking her and Wilf out together – bad move! Specs was, of course, dancing from side to side, so we had the expected lead tangling to sort out, but she took it to a whole new level when she started running underneath his tummy.  And it’s not like he’s a big dog himself! Continue reading Letting puppy off lead

Nervous puppy

Specs is a wonderful puppy, a total super star, no question.  She’s also the puppy that I’ve worked hardest with, as I’m sure you can tell.  I feel as though we’ve been everywhere – stations, busy town centres, shopping centres, supermarkets. I’ve introduced her to so many people that I’m sure I’m getting a bit of a reputation.

But this last week has been a bit weird.  When we went out for our first ‘proper’ walk, in exactly the same place where I’d been taking her on carrying walks, a big truck came past and she freaked out.  Hmm, I thought, we clearly haven’t been doing enough traffic.

Continue reading Nervous puppy

Specs goes to School

Well, as all you lovely people may know from my previous posts, I am a Specs, which means I am always a very busy girl.

So on Sunday, I went to my second Puppy class – and my third! It was in a different place from my first, Aunty Jen took me there so my Mummy asked Rachel to train me while she “got some work” done (silly really, everyone knows I am the only work that matters). Oh my, it was so fun! I was super keen to start working, so Rachel played tugging with me while Aunty Jenny was telling all the humans what they had to do.

Continue reading Specs goes to School

Chris the Postie

So busy I missed out letting everyone know about my meeting with Chris the Postie last Wednesday.

Chris and me posing
Chris and me posing

I was at Auntie Jen’s and she did give me a bit of a talking to about jumping up on people in the garden, I did that, I jumped up on Chris in the garden.  I’m sorry and I promise I’ll never do that again.  My fingers are not crossed as I promise.  She did tell me that if I was going to have any “problems” though, that over-friendliness was the “problem” she’d like me to have.  As if… me?  Problems?  I don’t think so. Continue reading Chris the Postie

Puppy class

Thursday was such an exciting day.  I went out for a walk with mum and Wilf – a proper walk, not a carry.  It was brilliant fun, especially when mum got confused because I kept running underneath Wilf. It’s great to be small.

Making friends at puppy class
Making friends at puppy class

Then I went to my first puppy class. It was upstairs at the vet’s I go to.  It was a really really big room, but there was lots of stuff in there to make it safe for us puppies and I made soooo many new friends.  I especially liked the bit where all the other humans came round and said hello.  And I also especially liked the bit where I got to play with the other puppies.  And I especially liked the bit where mum kept giving me bits of lamb, just because I looked at her.  Actually, I especially liked the whole thing! Continue reading Puppy class