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Teeth cleaning for dogs

A dog with a clean mouth is a nicer friend to have around.  He’s also healthier, happier and less likely to have to go to the vets in later life to have dental work.

In about 2005 I took my Jack Russell, Squirrel, to the dental vet in Edinburgh, Norman Johnston.  She had a strange condition in her mouth, unrelated to dirty teeth but in need of specialist attention.  Before visiting Norman I had always scaled my dogs’ teeth every so often, but Norman put me right on that.  Clean their teeth, he said.  Every day, he said.  I don’t have time, I said.  And you think I do?  He said.

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Stopping puppy screaming

Specs asleep
Specs asleep

I seem to remember saying that I chose Specs because I wanted the calm, cuddly Cavalier temperament.  Well she’s still very young, and still oh-so-cute, but she’s really  not as calm and cuddly as I’d hoped (though I am besotted more than ever).

This weekend’s challenge was the whining.  And the screaming.  And the trying to climb out of the play pen.  And the general crazy madness that comes with being a 10 week old puppy who isn’t allowed to go for a walk yet (rightly so, but it is frustrating for both of us). Continue reading Stopping puppy screaming

Freedom is so close!

Me getting weighed at the vet's
Me getting weighed at the vet’s

Mum took me to the vet’s again last Thursday.  I like it at the vet’s.  The nice lady vet gave me lovely treats to eat.  I think she may have pricked me too, but I don’t really mind as the treats were so nice.  She weighed me as well, but she had to use the cat scales because I’m too small for the big scales. Mum was really pleased that I stood so nicely on the scales.  She’s been giving me lots of treats for standing nicely. Continue reading Freedom is so close!