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Gracie’s first week

We have been busy since I got here:

Thursday 14th Jan 16 (8 weeks old):

Came home with Mary, I was very brave and didn’t cry. I slept a lot, but had an instant attraction to Poppy, if it wasn’t for my play pen, I would be all over her ALL THE TIME. Mary doesn’t think Poppy would appreciate this. Uncle Gary comes round for cuddles and then I go to NEVR hospital for cuddles off the reception staff.

At the vet hospital
At the vet hospital

Friday 15th Jan 16:12400530_1720625441484683_6923550916256214785_n

I slept all night, Mary is most impressed with me! Today I go to my neighbour’s houses (please see plural), where they all love me (and how couldn’t they?!), the hairdressers and the we visit Morrisons. I got a lot of cuddles today and seen so many things, trolleys, wheelchairs, old people, tiny people and  haven’t been fazed by anything.


Saturday 16th Jan 16:

The good sleeping has continued (and has done throughout the week). We go to more people’s houses and then Rio comes over for a playdate, I sleep all afternoon. We then go and visit Big Gracie, she is nearly 4 years old, her birthday is on the same day as Specs!


Sunday 17th Jan 16:

I come to puppy class (just for cuddles) with Mary, she says I am not allowed to see the other pups, because I am too young, but I get a lot of cuddles off all the customers and staff. More house visits.

Monday 18th Jan 16:

Today I went to the vets, first we walked up Chillingham road and then we went to the vets, I got more cuddles. However12494677_1722167377997156_7769501854641542568_n, this came with a catch… I had a pointy thing stuck into my back! I screamed my disapproval, Mary laughed at me! Humph! Anyway, I soon forgot about it and was more lively then ever.

In the afternoon I went to work in the office and van shopping, more cuddles. I don’t think the vans were quite big enough to fit me in though..12417804_1722777384602822_1227853760562570980_n.

In the evening, I went to puppy party at Blythmans Vets, it was such fun! I played with Rio, who is definitely my BFF.



Tuesday 19th Jan 16:

More people! Today I went to work with Specs the puppy, it was so good to finally meet her and her Mum, Jackie. We had a lot of fun saying hello to each other. In the evening I made another appearance at class, to meet the advanced students. I like these appearances.

Wednesday 20th Jan 16:

Happy birthday big Gracie and Specs!


We went shopping today, work in the office and visited a building site, where men in yellow coats and hats said “hello” to me. There were some very big lorries and dumper trucks whistling past us. I was much braver then Mary.

Building site, we got closer, but Mary didn't want to be seen taking photos!
Building site, we got closer, but Mary didn’t want to be seen taking photos!

Thursday 21st Jan 16:

I have now been with Mary for a week. I was pretty confident, when I came, I am even more confident and lively now!

Things she now knows I love:

Cuddles off anyone, playing (especially bally and tuggy), eating, balancing, climbing and Poppy.

Today we went to Jesmond (all socialisation has been in Mary’s arms, much to my disapproval), we went up and down the high street, people kept exclaiming “AWWW!” everytime they saw me, I even had my photograph taken. It was very noisy, especially when we went to the metro station, but I  didn’t flinch.

12510299_1722777467936147_5071217966116933615_n (1)



Separation anxiety or not?

I thought my Specs-post-writing days were over, but this little ‘problem’ is quite interesting so definitely deserves a mention.

As you know from one of my early posts, Specs was introduced to crates and play pens from day one.  Crates and pens make life with a puppy immeasurably easier – no worries about toilet accidents on the carpet, nor about them chewing your favourite slippers.  And, my favourite, when you go on holiday you take the crate with you and then you don’t incur the wrath of the holiday home owners who have asked very politely that you keep dogs off the furniture. Continue reading Separation anxiety or not?

Mary’s story, the owner of Gracie Harrison

Mo is to blame for everything, she found the advert for 3 week old Yorkillon pups, about 5 miles from where I live. I couldn’t not go to see them and when I did, it was love at first sight, I named her Gracie.

Gracie the Yorkillon

Mum, Wendy (Yorkshire Terrier) and Dad, Bubbles (Papillon) seemed to have lovely temperaments, there was only one puppy left and she was the pup I would have chosen. It must have been meant. However, once reality set it, my poor family and friends had a month of me being particularly annoying (I don’t do things by halves!):

My thoughts before getting Gracie:
“Oh no, I won’t have time to do anything with her!”
“Oh no, I won’t have time to do any work, once she comes!”
“Awww, she is so beautiful! So excited to get her!”
“Oh no! Poppy is not going to love me as much!”
“Aww! I can’t wait to play with her!”
“Aww! I can’t wait to love and hug her!”

I was terrified and excited, all at the same time. I made a list of everything I would need…

We set the pen up about a week before getting her, to let Poppy (my older dog) get used to the new configuration. The pen means that Poppy’s life with a new puppy is disrupted as little as possible, Gracie isn’t able to constantly annoy her, the pen also means that Gracie can’t chew at things that she shouldn’t be chewing (puppies are generally suicidal).

From the moment of bringing her home, I knew it was the right thing, it was like she had been with us forever. I am hoping in this blog to be as honest as possible. I don’t think it is always going to be easy, but I think it will be a lot of fun, she has already improved my life, she is hilarious and I love her.


Specs muddy after a walk in the rain

Specs is nearly one year old

Yes, little Specs is no longer Specs the Puppy, but is now Specs the Dog (only I reckon she’s so cute she’ll always look like a puppy).

Our intention of blogging for a year never really made it past six months, partly because life just sort of took over, and also because, well, once puppies get to six months it just isn’t as interesting, is it?

The last six months may not have been as interesting, but they’ve certainly been fun.  Specs was without question the best puppy in the history of the universe, and is now undoubtedly the best dog.  She’s still little, she’s still cute, she’s still a ball of energy, and she still poops on the floor (only not very often now and only when mum ignores her requests to be out – bad mum!).

Her agility training never came to much, which is a shame as she definitely has champion potential, but to get to that level requires a lot of time, commitment and money.  Plus that’s not why I bought Specs: I bought her to be my constant companion, friend and stand up comedian, and she’s certainly all of those things.

Despite not doing the agility, the early training and socialisation has paid off in spades.  Specs is amazingly biddable and just loves everyone.  She does bark occasionally at loud noises, and doesn’t like strange things appearing out of the bushes, but give her a couple of seconds to work out what they are (usually people in wet weather gear at the moment) and she calms down straight away.

The wide range of training we did with her at a young age apparently, according to Jen, builds all sorts of networks in the brain which stay there forever, so when I eventually took Specs back to training class (as I did last autumn) she outshone the rest of the class who had been coming for many weeks.  I’d love to take the credit for that but I really can’t – it was all down to Mary, who now has to do even better with Gracie the Yorkillon.

Me and Specs can’t wait to meet her!