Adventures with Mary

I have just woken up from the biggest sleep. I had such a fun time yesterday, I met 100’s of people, it is exhausting being such a social butterfly.

I went for a sleepover with Mary and she took me everywhere.wet walk
We went on a walk with Poppy (Mary’s Labradoodle) round the field, it was raining so I had to wear Paris’s coat to keep me warm, I thought I looked particularly stylish in it, yellow isn’t everybody’s colour, Mary also attached a really long bit of rope to my collar, she said it was so she could catch me because I am so fast. We did tugging and sniffing, while Poppy played with her ball, Poppy seemed to be more interested in her ball than me, I can’t think why!

Next, we went to visit Mary’s neighbours, due to the amount of publicity surrounding my sleepover. I cuddled, kissed, played and did tricks- I put on quite the show.


I then went to The dog house, Seaham to watch Poppy, Magic and Luna doing some runnins, jumpins and walk over benches that were really high. It looked ever such fun, I want to be like them when I am older.

The next day started with breakfast, to get food I had to bang on a round thing, it made a funny noise and then a click would happen and a treat appeared! At first I was unsure of this game, but after the first 2 treats, I realised how fun it was, sometimes I banged it 2 or 3 times to get a click.. Mary said I was ‘being very clever’… I don’t know what else she expects from me to be honest.

I did some push ups after the drums, Mary says this is to get me ‘big and strong’ for when I am the athlete, I was born to be.. it is hard work being this good at everything you know!

The real action started at lunch time though, we went to the shops at Jesmond, there jesmond webswere metal basket things with wheels on them that people pushed, don’t tell anyone but I was a little scared of them at first, they made such a big noise. Once we found where they were stored we started doing stuff next to them, this made me feel a bit more relaxed, by the end I even went to the end of the lead to see them. I was so brave. scary trollyThere were lots of people and cars as well, they all looked a bit like my big sister Emma and her friends, Mary said they were ‘students’, all I could see was their shoes, sometimes they would bend down and tell me how cute I am, I liked those people.


Next off to Uncle Gary (an Uncle I had heard lots about, but never met) and Auntie Mary’sGary training (not bff Mary, another Mary, how confusing) house to do trainins with clicks and treats, I did all my best party tricks for him and then we met ‘The Schnauzers’, they were super fast and I played hide and seek with them, cos there were so many dens to hide in Uncle Gary’s garden. It was the bestest garden.

hide and seek

I thought we had finished, but oh no when going home (I was a bit tired, so Mary carried me) I stopped by a house with loud little people, a house with a calm person with a walking stick and some slightly bigger little people.

After a short rest, we went out the house again to pick Auntie Elizabeth and Poppy up from the hairdressers and to vote, I was told I was the youngest dog ever to visit, because I was so young they wouldn’t let me vote, so Mary did it for me, I was quite insulted… what does Mary know, that I don’t? Humph


To finish off my day, I went to school at Croft vets, where I learnt how to walk nicely on lead with my Mummy, I must admit I wasn’t quite as lively as I normally am, but Mary was in a worse state! I can’t remember the journey home, I was dreaming about what my next adventure with Mary would would be.

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