Agility Socialisins

hnh400pxEver since I met Mary, she has been telling me all about how fun agility is. It sounds great- outdoors all day, no baths, a moving home that she calls a ‘caravan’, lots of other dogs, runnins and jumpins and lots of yummy food. It sounds like a dream!

So last week, I went to see what she was talking about, Auntie Elizabeth came to pick me up and we traveled to Barnard Castle to visit Mary and Poppy.


It was so exciting! Once we arrived, we went to watch Auntie Sue and Magic run an agility course, they went round really fast and got a pretty ribbon a few hours later, it was so shiny, I definitely need some pretty ribbons. Mary put my gentle leader on me because I just got so excited… I wanted to be everywhere NOW! But, even the gentle leader didn’t get me down, cos there was just so much to watch and sniff and listen to!

People kept taking me away from Mary, they said they were stealing me becaustug400pxe I was “being sooo good”, although they all had a new name for me- The famous Specs!… one couple even swapped me for a pint of milk, but I didn’t mind because they gave me cuddlins and treats and all their friends came over to say I am beautiful.

Next up was to watch Luna and Auntie Linda and then Poppy and Mary run, we queued in a big, long line, so Auntie Elizabeth and I did some tugging, it was really fun, I even out tugged her. Mary said I was brilliant, cos even though there were lots of dogs all around me, I totally ignored them!

Last, but not least time for some din dins, we went to the catering van called ‘The dog thedoghouse400pxhouse’- how clever is that? at a dog show as well! The lovely ladies gave me sasauges, they were super yummy and cuddled me, I gave them my best cutie pie looks.


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