Another busy day

Me and Mum have been out this morning.  She said it’s called ‘puppy socialisation’, but I just think it’s great getting out and seeing the world, and there are sooooo many friends to make and faces to lick.

Today, Mum took me to her office to meet all her friends there. They were all really nice (and very tasty), but I don’t understand why she goes there instead of staying with me. She keeps muttering stuff about money, but I’m sure that’s not as much fun as me.

Here’s me with my new friends Lisa and Patrick. Lisa was a bit scared of me at first, but I soon showed her how cute I am.

Me and Lisa at Mum's work
Me and Lisa

Me and Patrick at Mum's work
Me and Patrick

We then went to a very noisy place which Mum called a garage.  I met two lovely men there, though they smelled funny.  Mum said it was just oil and I wasn’t to be afraid, but to be careful in case I got black marks on my lovely white coat.

Me at Central Station
Me at Central Station

After that, we went to Central Station and saw the trains (they were very big and very noisy), and had a walk around the metro station, where I had a long chat with two people in uniforms. Mum said they should have been looking after the passengers, but they couldn’t because they wanted to say hello to me.



Me near Grey's Monument
Me near Grey’s Monument

We then had a long walk up a big hill (Mum carried me all the way – I bet her arm was getting really tired, but I’m not allowed to run around yet) until we got to something called Grey’s Monument – it’s the tall thin thing you can see in my selfie.  There was a man there making a really loud noise with something called a mouth organ.  He was very good.

We stopped for a little listen to him, then went inside the mall before heading back to the garage.  I got a little bit scared on the way back because a fire engine came screaming past making a really really loud noise – but I was ok because I got to hide inside Mum’s coat.  It’s very warm and snuggly in there.




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