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Nervous puppy

Specs is a wonderful puppy, a total super star, no question.  She’s also the puppy that I’ve worked hardest with, as I’m sure you can tell.  I feel as though we’ve been everywhere – stations, busy town centres, shopping centres, supermarkets. I’ve introduced her to so many people that I’m sure I’m getting a bit of a reputation.

But this last week has been a bit weird.  When we went out for our first ‘proper’ walk, in exactly the same place where I’d been taking her on carrying walks, a big truck came past and she freaked out.  Hmm, I thought, we clearly haven’t been doing enough traffic.

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Puppy class

Thursday was such an exciting day.  I went out for a walk with mum and Wilf – a proper walk, not a carry.  It was brilliant fun, especially when mum got confused because I kept running underneath Wilf. It’s great to be small.

Making friends at puppy class
Making friends at puppy class

Then I went to my first puppy class. It was upstairs at the vet’s I go to.  It was a really really big room, but there was lots of stuff in there to make it safe for us puppies and I made soooo many new friends.  I especially liked the bit where all the other humans came round and said hello.  And I also especially liked the bit where I got to play with the other puppies.  And I especially liked the bit where mum kept giving me bits of lamb, just because I looked at her.  Actually, I especially liked the whole thing! Continue reading Puppy class

Stopping puppy screaming

Specs asleep
Specs asleep

I seem to remember saying that I chose Specs because I wanted the calm, cuddly Cavalier temperament.  Well she’s still very young, and still oh-so-cute, but she’s really  not as calm and cuddly as I’d hoped (though I am besotted more than ever).

This weekend’s challenge was the whining.  And the screaming.  And the trying to climb out of the play pen.  And the general crazy madness that comes with being a 10 week old puppy who isn’t allowed to go for a walk yet (rightly so, but it is frustrating for both of us). Continue reading Stopping puppy screaming

Freedom is so close!

Me getting weighed at the vet's
Me getting weighed at the vet’s

Mum took me to the vet’s again last Thursday.  I like it at the vet’s.  The nice lady vet gave me lovely treats to eat.  I think she may have pricked me too, but I don’t really mind as the treats were so nice.  She weighed me as well, but she had to use the cat scales because I’m too small for the big scales. Mum was really pleased that I stood so nicely on the scales.  She’s been giving me lots of treats for standing nicely. Continue reading Freedom is so close!

Two week anniversary

Specs coming out for a walk, safe in her backpack.
Specs coming out for a walk, safe in her backpack.

Today it’s two weeks since I picked Specs up so I thought now was a good time for a bit of an update.

I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks.  Every other dog I’ve had has felt like a stranger in the house for the first few days, if not weeks, but not Specs.  To be honest, I can’t remember a time when she wasn’t here.  I know that sounds mushy, but that’s the way it is.

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Another busy day

Me and Mum have been out this morning.  She said it’s called ‘puppy socialisation’, but I just think it’s great getting out and seeing the world, and there are sooooo many friends to make and faces to lick.

Today, Mum took me to her office to meet all her friends there. They were all really nice (and very tasty), but I don’t understand why she goes there instead of staying with me. She keeps muttering stuff about money, but I’m sure that’s not as much fun as me. Continue reading Another busy day