Buzz, buzz, buzz

Actually Tuesday 10th March though posted 15 March.  I am a late kind of a person even though I try very hard not to be. And Wednesday 11th when Mary was there too.  Jackie is right, I should write these things straight away.

This is one cute puppy who arrived at my house in her carry crate for my first day of puppy minding.  First thing, into the garden to toilet.


I like to toilet train to outside straight away and to toilet on lead.  Lead only comes off once pup has done the necessary.  Two minutes sniffing and then if nothing happens, back in the crate and we try again in 15.  Specs though, straight away, happy Jen.  Little pups are leaky buckets, if you wake them up every hour or so you can virtually guarantee performance outside.

I decided not to put a word on the behaviour yet, Specs isn’t listening very closely for human words yet, I think I’ll wait till she is.  I also think I need to take her out back which is concrete every second time so she learns to use concrete as well as grass.

Toileting lead?  You say.  Hm, that’s interesting.  A lot of pups struggle to toilet off-territory on their early walks and I think a lot of this is simply because they’re not used to toileting on lead.  Straight away, collar on, lead on, off to the toilet.  Also allows you to use the freedom of taking the lead off and allowing pup to wander a bit as a reward for performance.

20150310_090929Chewing the lead?  I like that.  Means I have a tug toy available at all times to distract, reward or simply interact with my dog.  I aim to get the lead tugging under command control: “Get it!”, “Drop it!” and I’m not at all embarrassed or worried by lead tuggy.  Leads are more damaged by chewing than by tuggying, so I try to make sure I’m ready to tug if he takes it in his mouth and I don’t wait till he’s started to chomp at it.

20150310_091505Hm, playpen is a bit bare and there’s carpet showing under the protective layers.  I need to fix that.  I really don’t want pup unsupervised on the carpet, carpets are expensive.  A bit bare?  That I’m not all that fussed about, but Kong and Stuffaball will arrive in time I promise.  I’m not all that fussed because I come down from my workstation every hour and do something interesting with the pup and I’m actually pretty happy if all pup does is sleep when I’m not there DOING.

What did we do?

Ah yes, a bit of brushing.  I put rubber car mats on a table for brushing, all very practical.  I also love it when dog is happy having his teeth cleaned with the electric toothbrush, so quick and easy.  So we turned the brush on, went all buzz buzz buzz around her face and just touched her lips with it, about 10 seconds worth and that’s her first lesson on the electric toothbrush.


We also did many transitions between sit, stand and down.
We did:
spinning clockwise and anti-clockwise,
walking backwards,
pay attention to name,
give right paw and left paw,
get in and out of your carry box.

All rewarded with lots of kibble and love and attention and success marked with clicker.  Puppy training is a doddle.  And a real buzz for all of us.

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