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Gracie’s first week

We have been busy since I got here:

Thursday 14th Jan 16 (8 weeks old):

Came home with Mary, I was very brave and didn’t cry. I slept a lot, but had an instant attraction to Poppy, if it wasn’t for my play pen, I would be all over her ALL THE TIME. Mary doesn’t think Poppy would appreciate this. Uncle Gary comes round for cuddles and then I go to NEVR hospital for cuddles off the reception staff.

At the vet hospital
At the vet hospital

Friday 15th Jan 16:12400530_1720625441484683_6923550916256214785_n

I slept all night, Mary is most impressed with me! Today I go to my neighbour’s houses (please see plural), where they all love me (and how couldn’t they?!), the hairdressers and the we visit Morrisons. I got a lot of cuddles today and seen so many things, trolleys, wheelchairs, old people, tiny people and  haven’t been fazed by anything.


Saturday 16th Jan 16:

The good sleeping has continued (and has done throughout the week). We go to more people’s houses and then Rio comes over for a playdate, I sleep all afternoon. We then go and visit Big Gracie, she is nearly 4 years old, her birthday is on the same day as Specs!


Sunday 17th Jan 16:

I come to puppy class (just for cuddles) with Mary, she says I am not allowed to see the other pups, because I am too young, but I get a lot of cuddles off all the customers and staff. More house visits.

Monday 18th Jan 16:

Today I went to the vets, first we walked up Chillingham road and then we went to the vets, I got more cuddles. However12494677_1722167377997156_7769501854641542568_n, this came with a catch… I had a pointy thing stuck into my back! I screamed my disapproval, Mary laughed at me! Humph! Anyway, I soon forgot about it and was more lively then ever.

In the afternoon I went to work in the office and van shopping, more cuddles. I don’t think the vans were quite big enough to fit me in though..12417804_1722777384602822_1227853760562570980_n.

In the evening, I went to puppy party at Blythmans Vets, it was such fun! I played with Rio, who is definitely my BFF.



Tuesday 19th Jan 16:

More people! Today I went to work with Specs the puppy, it was so good to finally meet her and her Mum, Jackie. We had a lot of fun saying hello to each other. In the evening I made another appearance at class, to meet the advanced students. I like these appearances.

Wednesday 20th Jan 16:

Happy birthday big Gracie and Specs!


We went shopping today, work in the office and visited a building site, where men in yellow coats and hats said “hello” to me. There were some very big lorries and dumper trucks whistling past us. I was much braver then Mary.

Building site, we got closer, but Mary didn't want to be seen taking photos!
Building site, we got closer, but Mary didn’t want to be seen taking photos!

Thursday 21st Jan 16:

I have now been with Mary for a week. I was pretty confident, when I came, I am even more confident and lively now!

Things she now knows I love:

Cuddles off anyone, playing (especially bally and tuggy), eating, balancing, climbing and Poppy.

Today we went to Jesmond (all socialisation has been in Mary’s arms, much to my disapproval), we went up and down the high street, people kept exclaiming “AWWW!” everytime they saw me, I even had my photograph taken. It was very noisy, especially when we went to the metro station, but I  didn’t flinch.

12510299_1722777467936147_5071217966116933615_n (1)



Girly Sleepover…Part 2

Hello everyone,

I am so sorry that it has taken so long for me to post this, however I have had such traumatic week, what with me being spayed, then feeling better and Mummy still not letting me run and jump! Humph.

garden 600

I was super busy when I went to Mary’s house, here is a rough guide to how my days were spent (when I wasn’t doing things, I rested in my bed, in the play pen):

7am Get up and toilet

8:30am Poppy and Mary go to for a ‘big girls’ walk

9:30am Breakfast, Mary made me do all sorts of things to get it, sometimes we did easy things like me targeting to her hand and other times we did hard sendaways, into a down. She was particularly proud of me when I did a sendaway. Toilet.

12pm Walk, I was let off the lead on this walk. Mary said she was a little bit scared, I don’t know why! Anyway, she made me trail a really long piece of rope, that she would stomp on when she wanted me to stop. Her excuse was that I couldn’t dodge away from her, if she tried catching me. I would never do that!

3pm Dinner time and toilet, yummy and more trainins, often in the garden as it was nice and sunny!

specs push up 600

4pm Visit Poppy’s neighbours. They love me, what can I say?

5pm Lead walking around the estate. Mary made me wear my gentle leader, so I didn’t hurt my neck. I got treats when I walked nicely beside her.

6pm Out and about at a dog class.

On the Tuesday night I went to Juniors and met up with Nina the German shepherd from Puppy class, she is so big now. Mary got me to walk backwards, it was such fun!

On the Wednesday night I went to do some Agility with Linda, Luna, Poppy and Mary. It was really fun when Mary worked with me, however she would sometimes play with Poppy and I got jealous, cried and tried to get out of my cage. Mary just ignored me, I was most affronted!

10pm Toilet and beddy byes.. I was shattered!

ps. I was so good at going to the toilet on walks. Apparently not all puppies do this, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

pps. By the end of my sleepover, Poppy started playing with me! She just ignored me at first. I think she likes me… although she may not admit it.








My trip to the vet’s

Today has NOT been a Good Day.  Mum took me to the vet’s this morning. I usually like going there because they’re very kind and they love me and they give me treats, but this morning I tried to make friends with the vet but he stuck something up my bottom and I didn’t like it.

Then mum left me all alone in a cage, and I went to sleep and then woke up later with a stupid pink pyjama thingy on.

Mum says I’ll be better soon and that it’s all for the best.  She says I’ve been “spayed” which means I’ll live a lot longer so I’ll have longer with Mum and all my friends and get to eat more treats and play more games. Yeah!

Girls Sleepover!

My sister, Emma has been really clever and is graduating from University. This means that Mummy and Emma are going to Hull and I have come to my BFF’s (Mary) house for a sleepover (not looked after, I am a big girl now).

So it is 9pm now, I have been here about 4 hours and this is what I have done:

A really muddy walk,

A bath (yuck!),Specs2600

Zoomies around the garden,

Trainins- Wait and stay practise ,

Cuddles with Mary, Uncle Ian and Auntie Elizabeth. There are lots of people to cuddle here. I like that.

Oh and been to see some of Mary’s neighbours, Uncle Gary and the Schnauzer girls! People keep calling me ‘The Famous Specs’ I like having a title, it suits me.

That isn’t bad, I am going to have a nap now. Night Night.

Agility Socialisins

hnh400pxEver since I met Mary, she has been telling me all about how fun agility is. It sounds great- outdoors all day, no baths, a moving home that she calls a ‘caravan’, lots of other dogs, runnins and jumpins and lots of yummy food. It sounds like a dream!

So last week, I went to see what she was talking about, Auntie Elizabeth came to pick me up and we traveled to Barnard Castle to visit Mary and Poppy.


It was so exciting! Once we arrived, we went to watch Auntie Sue and Magic run an agility course, they went round really fast and got a pretty ribbon a few hours later, it was so shiny, I definitely need some pretty ribbons. Mary put my gentle leader on me because I just got so excited… I wanted to be everywhere NOW! But, even the gentle leader didn’t get me down, cos there was just so much to watch and sniff and listen to!

People kept taking me away from Mary, they said they were stealing me becaustug400pxe I was “being sooo good”, although they all had a new name for me- The famous Specs!… one couple even swapped me for a pint of milk, but I didn’t mind because they gave me cuddlins and treats and all their friends came over to say I am beautiful.

Next up was to watch Luna and Auntie Linda and then Poppy and Mary run, we queued in a big, long line, so Auntie Elizabeth and I did some tugging, it was really fun, I even out tugged her. Mary said I was brilliant, cos even though there were lots of dogs all around me, I totally ignored them!

Last, but not least time for some din dins, we went to the catering van called ‘The dog thedoghouse400pxhouse’- how clever is that? at a dog show as well! The lovely ladies gave me sasauges, they were super yummy and cuddled me, I gave them my best cutie pie looks.


Specs Goes Walkies

Went on a walk with Mary, Jenny, Beetle and Paris.  We did runnins.  We did recalls.  We did heelins.

Mary said Sue wouldn’t approve, but I know Sue would, I love Sue.  Sue would say as long as we do Specs Only walks a lot, we can sometimes do walks with Beetle and Paris and My Brother Wilf so I can practise my recalls with other nice dogs about me.

Jenny and Mary were brave to let me off the lead, but not so brave they took the lead off completely.  Just in case, make it easier for them to catch me, just in case.  I hardly noticed, I got my runnins, I hardly noticed. Continue reading Specs Goes Walkies

Specs with a big bit of seaweed

My first trip to the beach

I was supposed to be at Aunty Jen’s today, but me and mum had a special day on the beach.  Mum said she had a big decision to make. I’m not sure why that meant we had to go to the beach, but humans are funny things.

I really liked the beach. I’ve never been there before and it smelled all strange – salty and fishy and seaweedy.  And it felt really funny on  my feet.  The sand got stuck between my toes and the grass was much tougher than the grass in our garden. Continue reading My first trip to the beach