Chris the Postie

So busy I missed out letting everyone know about my meeting with Chris the Postie last Wednesday.

Chris and me posing
Chris and me posing

I was at Auntie Jen’s and she did give me a bit of a talking to about jumping up on people in the garden, I did that, I jumped up on Chris in the garden.  I’m sorry and I promise I’ll never do that again.  My fingers are not crossed as I promise.  She did tell me that if I was going to have any “problems” though, that over-friendliness was the “problem” she’d like me to have.  As if… me?  Problems?  I don’t think so.

No way ever ever could I bite Chris or be scared of him.  And same goes for anyone else I see wearing a very red shirt and carrying a very red big bag on their back.  Can’t promise I won’t chew the letters when they come through the slot though, I think that’s going to be up to my mum to make sure I don’t get to do that.

Chris funny
I don’t know why he’s pulling that face

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