Girls Sleepover!

My sister, Emma has been really clever and is graduating from University. This means that Mummy and Emma are going to Hull and I have come to my BFF’s (Mary) house for a sleepover (not looked after, I am a big girl now).

So it is 9pm now, I have been here about 4 hours and this is what I have done:

A really muddy walk,

A bath (yuck!),Specs2600

Zoomies around the garden,

Trainins- Wait and stay practise ,

Cuddles with Mary, Uncle Ian and Auntie Elizabeth. There are lots of people to cuddle here. I like that.

Oh and been to see some of Mary’s neighbours, Uncle Gary and the Schnauzer girls! People keep calling me ‘The Famous Specs’ I like having a title, it suits me.

That isn’t bad, I am going to have a nap now. Night Night.

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