Gracie’s first week

We have been busy since I got here:

Thursday 14th Jan 16 (8 weeks old):

Came home with Mary, I was very brave and didn’t cry. I slept a lot, but had an instant attraction to Poppy, if it wasn’t for my play pen, I would be all over her ALL THE TIME. Mary doesn’t think Poppy would appreciate this. Uncle Gary comes round for cuddles and then I go to NEVR hospital for cuddles off the reception staff.

At the vet hospital
At the vet hospital

Friday 15th Jan 16:12400530_1720625441484683_6923550916256214785_n

I slept all night, Mary is most impressed with me! Today I go to my neighbour’s houses (please see plural), where they all love me (and how couldn’t they?!), the hairdressers and the we visit Morrisons. I got a lot of cuddles today and seen so many things, trolleys, wheelchairs, old people, tiny people and  haven’t been fazed by anything.


Saturday 16th Jan 16:

The good sleeping has continued (and has done throughout the week). We go to more people’s houses and then Rio comes over for a playdate, I sleep all afternoon. We then go and visit Big Gracie, she is nearly 4 years old, her birthday is on the same day as Specs!


Sunday 17th Jan 16:

I come to puppy class (just for cuddles) with Mary, she says I am not allowed to see the other pups, because I am too young, but I get a lot of cuddles off all the customers and staff. More house visits.

Monday 18th Jan 16:

Today I went to the vets, first we walked up Chillingham road and then we went to the vets, I got more cuddles. However12494677_1722167377997156_7769501854641542568_n, this came with a catch… I had a pointy thing stuck into my back! I screamed my disapproval, Mary laughed at me! Humph! Anyway, I soon forgot about it and was more lively then ever.

In the afternoon I went to work in the office and van shopping, more cuddles. I don’t think the vans were quite big enough to fit me in though..12417804_1722777384602822_1227853760562570980_n.

In the evening, I went to puppy party at Blythmans Vets, it was such fun! I played with Rio, who is definitely my BFF.



Tuesday 19th Jan 16:

More people! Today I went to work with Specs the puppy, it was so good to finally meet her and her Mum, Jackie. We had a lot of fun saying hello to each other. In the evening I made another appearance at class, to meet the advanced students. I like these appearances.

Wednesday 20th Jan 16:

Happy birthday big Gracie and Specs!


We went shopping today, work in the office and visited a building site, where men in yellow coats and hats said “hello” to me. There were some very big lorries and dumper trucks whistling past us. I was much braver then Mary.

Building site, we got closer, but Mary didn't want to be seen taking photos!
Building site, we got closer, but Mary didn’t want to be seen taking photos!

Thursday 21st Jan 16:

I have now been with Mary for a week. I was pretty confident, when I came, I am even more confident and lively now!

Things she now knows I love:

Cuddles off anyone, playing (especially bally and tuggy), eating, balancing, climbing and Poppy.

Today we went to Jesmond (all socialisation has been in Mary’s arms, much to my disapproval), we went up and down the high street, people kept exclaiming “AWWW!” everytime they saw me, I even had my photograph taken. It was very noisy, especially when we went to the metro station, but I  didn’t flinch.

12510299_1722777467936147_5071217966116933615_n (1)



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