More new friends

I’ve met sooo many new friends these past few days.

Specs in adam's sweatshirt
Specs in adam’s sweatshirt

On Thursday I met mum’s friends Adam and Fiona.  Adam was great fun – he played and played and played with me.  He tossed me in the air, spun me round and then stuck me up his jumper.  I hope Adam comes back again soon.

On Friday I met mum’s plumber, Bryan.  He said he wanted to take me home with him, but mum wouldn’t let him.  And I don’t think Bryan’s wife Lisa would have been too happy either.  But I bet his kids would have loved me.

Then on Friday evening mum abandoned me!  She said she had a committee meeting to go to (yawn!), but I didn’t mind as I went to agility again with Aunty Jen and my bff Mary.  I got so many cuddles that Caroline said I’d forget who my mum was.  As if!

Me and Eliza
Me and Eliza

Last night I met a lovely little girl called Eliza.  I’ve never met one of those before.  She was great fun.  She made me do all of my tricks and laughed and laughed when I spun around and jumped for her.  I did get a little bit overexcited and peed on the floor.  Mum didn’t seem very happy, and she made me promise not to tell Aunty Jen.  Sssshhhh…..

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