My very busy day

Mummy dropped me off at Auntie Jenny’s house, I love going to her house. I play with her and Mary, do some training and play with my ball and tuggy.

When they got me out to play, they told me I would have to do things to get my lunch, this was lots of fun. We did spins left and right, positions, attentions, chased a ball and went on top of a wobbly cushion, I was very brave to go on top of the cushion because it made my legs go like jelly! I then went upstairs to the office to help Mary with her computer work, however that didn’t last long because apparently my beauty distracted her, tsk it is not my fault that I am so pretty!

Here is a video of me doing really clever things 🙂

*Whoops! Lost the video, we will put it back when we find it!*

Mary then took me back to her house, before going to puppy party, I thought I was going to have a rest, but no, she wanted me to go and see people. I went to see all of her neighbours (about 25 people of all ages) and they all said that they would steal me, to be honest I didn’t put  a fight, they gave me cuddles and loves and I let them, I didn’t wriggle or anything, they were most impressed with how good I was.

Then we went to Puppy Party at the vets, there were other puppies there. We played with one another, did a puppy check and learnt all our positions, then I got a tour of the vets hospital, there were funny smells there, but I took it all in my stride.


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