Rosie at puppy party

Puppy parties

Puppy parties are for younger pups (usually less than 12 weeks) who are between vaccinations so aren’t yet mixing with other dogs. They’re a puppy kindergarten where they usually discuss safe early socialising and starting puppy on his first training lessons.  Puppy parties are usually held on a vet’s premises and there is often a vet nurse on hand to advise about healthcare matters.

In the puppy parties run by Positively Pets, there are socialising exercises with the other pups and with the people at the party.  A good party makes sure that the fun puppy has will help him be less worried about vet visits in the longer term, and that pups are carefully supervised to ensure they’re learning the right lessons from each other.

If you’re interested in taking your pup to a puppy party, please contact Positively Pets.

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