Specs goes to School

Well, as all you lovely people may know from my previous posts, I am a Specs, which means I am always a very busy girl.

So on Sunday, I went to my second Puppy class – and my third! It was in a different place from my first, Aunty Jen took me there so my Mummy asked Rachel to train me while she “got some work” done (silly really, everyone knows I am the only work that matters). Oh my, it was so fun! I was super keen to start working, so Rachel played tugging with me while Aunty Jenny was telling all the humans what they had to do.

That didn’t take long and then I got to play with the other puppies! Gosh I got to run so fast, sometimes Rachel would come over to me and say my name, so I would look at her while she held my collar, then click – treat and I played again! I was so fast I had a line, like a long lead, just so I didn’t take off completely. I might be a bit enthusiastic for the other non-Specs puppies you see.

We did lots of other things too, I showed off my positions – sit, down and stand (I was told I had a lovely, confident bottom,) puppy check – though honestly, I thought it was quite obvious I was a puppy but Rachel had to check everywhere to make sure – even my teeth!

Then we all moved into a really big room, Mary gave me a cuddle and Rachel called out “Babe” which means I run to her as fast as possible (which was very fast because I am a Specs).

After puppy class was all over, I was allowed to join the big dogs! We did so muchTired Specs – sendaways, stays, waits. I think Rachel must have gotten tired though so when she took too long to ask me to do something I had to spin around so she remember to give me my treats (it didn’t work, must try harder next time). I was so tired at the end of it all I had to rest my eyes while having a cuddle, just for a minute..

I have attached my school report so you can all see how clever I am!

School Teacher’s report


Specs is a very confident, happy member of the class. A little over enthusiastic for some members, however we were able to manage this by putting a line on her, not interferring with the game, but meaning the other puppies could escape if they weren’t happy in the situation.

Positions- Specs was very confident in the sit and down, however she struggled with the stand.
Puppy Check- In the puppy check she wasn’t fazed when being checked.
Recall- The recall was particularly impressive as Rachel was recalling her and this was only the third time they had met. She recalled to Rachel without a second thought and quickly.

In juniors Rachel worked her on both the left side and the right side, this is the start of Specs agility training.
I was particularly impressed with her sendaways, she was even starting to brace herself when Rachel said ‘Ready!’.
Towards the end of Juniors Specs got a bit tired, her spins (her favourite trick) got a little less enthusiastic however, she was very happy to snuggle into Rachel.

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