Specs Goes Walkies

Went on a walk with Mary, Jenny, Beetle and Paris.  We did runnins.  We did recalls.  We did heelins.

Mary said Sue wouldn’t approve, but I know Sue would, I love Sue.  Sue would say as long as we do Specs Only walks a lot, we can sometimes do walks with Beetle and Paris and My Brother Wilf so I can practise my recalls with other nice dogs about me.

Jenny and Mary were brave to let me off the lead, but not so brave they took the lead off completely.  Just in case, make it easier for them to catch me, just in case.  I hardly noticed, I got my runnins, I hardly noticed.

Paris and Beetle are so clever, they fetch their own balls, they fetch so fast I could hardly keep up.  One day I will be able to do that, fetch my own ball, my teachers are starting to teach me that now, wish they’d get on with it.  Thinking about it, they should’ve brought my ball with them and played with me.  Bad MaryJenny.

I’m getting so good at my loose lead walking, don’t you think?  Walking beside BeetleParis was hard.  My good manners told me not to push past Paris to get my biscuit, that was the hardest bit.  But once we all get settled and decide who walks where in relation to Mary, it’ll be easier for me.


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