Specs muddy after a walk in the rain

Specs is nearly one year old

Yes, little Specs is no longer Specs the Puppy, but is now Specs the Dog (only I reckon she’s so cute she’ll always look like a puppy).

Our intention of blogging for a year never really made it past six months, partly because life just sort of took over, and also because, well, once puppies get to six months it just isn’t as interesting, is it?

The last six months may not have been as interesting, but they’ve certainly been fun.  Specs was without question the best puppy in the history of the universe, and is now undoubtedly the best dog.  She’s still little, she’s still cute, she’s still a ball of energy, and she still poops on the floor (only not very often now and only when mum ignores her requests to be out – bad mum!).

Her agility training never came to much, which is a shame as she definitely has champion potential, but to get to that level requires a lot of time, commitment and money.  Plus that’s not why I bought Specs: I bought her to be my constant companion, friend and stand up comedian, and she’s certainly all of those things.

Despite not doing the agility, the early training and socialisation has paid off in spades.  Specs is amazingly biddable and just loves everyone.  She does bark occasionally at loud noises, and doesn’t like strange things appearing out of the bushes, but give her a couple of seconds to work out what they are (usually people in wet weather gear at the moment) and she calms down straight away.

The wide range of training we did with her at a young age apparently, according to Jen, builds all sorts of networks in the brain which stay there forever, so when I eventually took Specs back to training class (as I did last autumn) she outshone the rest of the class who had been coming for many weeks.  I’d love to take the credit for that but I really can’t – it was all down to Mary, who now has to do even better with Gracie the Yorkillon.

Me and Specs can’t wait to meet her!

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