Stuff I have learned this week

It’s been another busy week, but mum said we have to keep busy for a little while yet for summat called my socialisins. I’m really not sure what she meant, but it was fun.

This is the stuff I’ve learned this week:

Making friends with Dorothy's dad1. Old men are nice and cuddly and sleep in really soft beds and they’re not at all scary.



Me and Lola playing2. When I play with my friend Lola my mum gets really confused because she says she can’t see where I end and Lola starts.  I’ve no idea what she means.



Making friends with the RSPCA lady3. Ladies in uniform are cuddly too.




Me at Earsdon Plant Centre4. Not all garden centres are the same.  I really liked this one because I got to sit with mum and Emma while they had lunch and nobody minded that I was there.


Me after I've been in a muddy puddle5. Muddy ditches are just THE BEST PLACE EVER to play!




Tony's book about Durham Miners' Gala6. My mum has some really clever friends.  She said this book was made by her friend Tony, only she wouldn’t let me near it in case I ran away with it.  She must think I’m really strong if she thinks I could run off with this.  Though it does look really good for chewing…

After my head has been watered7. If I stick my head underneath the watering can while my mum’s watering the plants then my head gets really wet.  (Mum said I shouldn’t include this here because I learned nothing – if I had learned then I wouldn’t have done it four times.  But of course she doesn’t know how much fun it was!)


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