The Specs puppy guide

specs 600pix

I went to Mary’s house today, Mummy said that Mary’s family were having a bad day and I needed to make them feel better.

This got me thinking, not everyone is able to do this job, not everyone is as brilliant as I am.  So here is my guide to being me, Specs the Puppy:

Step 1. Be cute (and fluffy, it apparently makes you more huggable)

Step 2. Give everyone kisses, even if you have never met them before.*

Step 3. Pounce from leaf to leaf when investigating the garden. Walking is boring.

Step 4. All other dogs offer sits when a human shows them a treat, I don’t. I spin like a ballerina and sometimes if the human is being particularly mean and still not giving me a treat, I jump and spin at the same time. This ALWAYS works.

Step 5. Protect the family you are looking after by killing everything that looks like it may hurt us. The stuffed toys are especially threatening (please see the picture above, this was taken after I conquered polar bear and pink snake).

*WARNING- Lesser humans/dogs may not get away with kissing strangers if they aren’t as cute as I am.

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