Training 16 April 2015

Here I am doing my training.  Very hard work.  Not just the learning of the things, but all the energy that goes into my wagging tail.

I’m particularly proud of my Pay Attention at approximately 1 minute 6 seconds into the video.  The one where I paid attention at a distance from Mary, very smart stuff, that.

I try very hard to keep my feet on the floor when I’m practising my sits, hard that though when you’re as keen as I am.  Mary waits patiently until I get it right, Mary is so helpful to me.  1 minute 29 seconds into the video, give or take.

And yes, I can do much better spins than this – 1 min 48.  My clockwise spins are very strong and I’m proud of that.  But Auntie Jen says I need to do more the other way.  At first I was not keen on this idea, but when she explained I understood better.  She says I need to learn to spin both ways so I become a balanced dog, a dog who learns to do lots of things, a dog who learns to listen to what her people ask her to do, not just to throw the same behaviour at her people without really thinking about what she’s doing.  I am looking forward to becoming that dog.

Because I’m so small and quick, stands are a bit of a challenge for me, 2 minutes 5 seconds.  If Mary doesn’t get her luring hand just so, my bottom or chest gets too low and I start to sit or lie down.  I think I need to do lots and lots of very easy stands right now and as I get more confident and a bit bigger I’ll be able to stand very well indeed, very well.  Crufts Champion Dog very well.

Ah look!  2 minutes 7 seconds, an anti-clockwise spin.  I felt so balanced after that one.  But then my easy side again, much easier.  Did you see?  Did you see?

2 minutes 58 seconds, my advanced lesson.  Retrieve.  Mary is using a bit of a Moo Tug.  A Moo Tug is an upcycled milking machine tube.  Smells of cow.  Nice and soft for me.  I touch it with my nose, I get click-treated.  And that’s how my retrieve training begins.  I’m learning to behave nicely with articles my person is holding, to like them, not to guard them, run away with them.  I’m starting to learn to give them back into my person’s hand.

3 minutes 58 and there’s a bit of play for me, taking the pressure off.  You see, all work and no play makes Specs a dull girl.

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