Where should my puppy sleep at night?

Where indeed.

Specs is my fifth dog, and all of them to date have spent the first few weeks sleeping in my bedroom in a cage.

Callie and Wilf October 2003
Callie and Wilf October 2003

Callie, my second dog, was fully and reliably house trained by 12 weeks, which was fantastic.  Tess (no 1) took a fairly average 5-6 months, as did Wilf (no 3), and we don’t talk about Islay (no 4), bless her cotton socks.

I’ve used the same technique with all of them: I take them into my bedroom (in a cage) and when either I or the dog wakes up, I put on my dressing gown and take her into the back garden.

The big difference, however, is that Callie was the only one who I was absolutely strict with – I can count on one hand the number of times she was allowed to have an accident in either her cage or in the house.

But Callie was born 23 years ago, when I was a mere 29 years old.  And when I was 29 I’m sure the back garden wasn’t that cold, and I’m also sure I used to be able to go back to sleep much more quickly.  Plus my commute to work was only 15 minutes – now it can take me an hour.

Jenny, on the other hand, takes a much more relaxed approach and leaves her puppies downstairs in their cages all night – which means she gets to have a full night’s sleep.

And actually the upshot (apart from Callie) seems to have been much the same for both of us: all of our dogs have been more or less reliably fully house trained by 5 to 6 months.

I’ve been off work with the lurgy all of last week, but I’ll be back on Monday so will have to be up at 6am.  Can I really face two night time trips to the garden, or should I give in and leave Specs downstairs?  And how can I possibly leave something sooooooo cute on her own?


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